Adding your advertisement as Featured Ad

What are Featured Ads?

Featured Ads are a pay OPTION that make your advertisement appear on top page and stand out among other advertisements.

Featured Ads will appear on the main front page and will always appear on top of all other advertisements, meaning after a few days your advertisement will not sink to the bottom of the listing! Also it will reduce your workload of posting your advertisements all over again and again. 

What is the cost for Featured Ad?

It's actually nothing much. It's not even one-twenty portion of the cost of commission for property agents to find a match tenant or room. That's it. It is as cheap as only one lunch meal. Fee will be for one month to put as Featured Ad.

How to post as Featured Ad?

Automatic Post method

To put your advertisement as Featured Ad, you can press 40x30 button beside your existing ad in "My advertisements" in user panel. It will bring you to Paypal to make payment. Once payment is done, your ad is automatically updated as Featured Ad. It is very easy.

Manual method

If you don't have Paypal account, please email and inform us at to do featured Ad for you. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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